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Thanks for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy your stay. I started the site, to give my family members and friends, a place to stay in touch and share things with each other. I wanted to offer something more our own, away from the larger social media sites.
I am continually working to improve the website, to help make your visit more enjoyable. So if you have an idea or suggestion for the site, please feel free to contact me. For a complete list of what’s new, along with all the changes, you can visit the website Updates page.
Again, thanks for visiting, and remember to tell your family and friends about the website, so they can enjoy it too.

Share With Others

Family and friends can share all kinds of things on the website. You can share the latest news, upcoming events like a birthday or anniversary, your favorite photos and home movies, or even your tips and how-to's. To learn more about sharing, please visit the Support page and if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

On the Website

The website is divided into three sections, with different things to see and do. Below is a brief description of each section, but you can get the full details, by clicking on more info. When you're finished reading, just click close, to collapse it.

Community Section

The Community section has a lot to explore. Here you’ll find things like news, events and messages, just to name a few.

News Page
This is the place to read the latest news from our family and friends, along with some current and local news.

Messages Page
On the Messages page, you can check the latest notes & reminders, see the monthly shout-outs, and read about some things, that took place in our history. There is also a section, with website email.

Calendar Page
The Calendar page, has birthdays and anniversaries for our family and friends, along with holidays, to help you stay informed.

Events Page
The Events page, has things taking place, where our family and friends reside. The list includes, all types of fun and interesting events.

Tips Page
The Tip pages, are full of useful information, on things like computers and technology, health & fitness and even tips, for around the house. Each one has a difficulty gauge, showing the level of knowledge, skill, and/or tools, required to accomplish it.

Media Section

The Media section is full of photos and videos for your viewing pleasure. If you spend some time here, I’m sure you’ll have fun.

Photos Page
The Photos page, is made up of five sections and each one, has a different type of photos. There are single photos, random photos, photo albums, shared photo albums and even an Honor and Remember section. Take some time on this page, to look around and enjoy.

Movie Theaters
The next two pages, in this section, are both movie theaters. Each theater, can have up to 8 movies and more theater’s will be added to the site, as our movie list grows. So sit back, relax and watch a home movie, shared by our family and friends.

Please note: This section, uses slightly different methods, for navigating the pages. Be sure to read, the instructions provided.

Site Info Section

This section contains important information about the website like updates and changes, the terms of use and our privacy policy.

Updates Page
The Updates page, is the place to see, everything that is new on the site, along with a list, of all the recent changes.

Terms of Use
On the Terms page, you’ll find the website terms of use and legal disclaimer. Please take a moment to read this information, which governs my relationship with you, in relation to this website. If you disagree with any part of the terms and conditions, you should not use this site.

Policy Page
The Policy page, contains detailed information, about the content and privacy practices, of this website.

Contact Page
You can use the Contact page, to request information about the website, make suggestions for the site, or just to say hello. So take a moment and contact me, because I’m always interested, in hearing from you.

Support Page
The Support page, is the place to find useful information, about sharing your content on the website. It also contains information on some things you can do, if you are having problems, using the site.

What's New

Some things on the website like news and messages, change on a daily basis, while others, change more randomly. Here are a few, that were recently added, for a complete list of changes, please visit the Updates page. To pause the scrolling, simply hover over the text.
  • 2/16/18 – I added a few more concerts, that just might interest you.
  • 2/26/18 – A concert scheduled for 2019, was added to Events.
  • 3/29/18 – A new summer concert, was added to Events.
  • 4/13/18 – Another summer concert, was added to Events.
  • 4/14/18 – I uploaded a fresh version of the website, to keep it loading smoothly.
  • 5/8/18 – A major fall concert, was added to Events.
  • 5/16/18 – The Events page, now has a Recently Added section.

More From 1Macman

Steve Jobs Tribute

As many of you already know, I am a huge Apple fan. I've been using Apple computers for a long time and over the years, I have really learned a lot. Steve Jobs and Apple, have been a big inspiration to me and the things he envisioned and created, have forever changed my life.
With that said, you can only imagine how I felt, when Steve passed away. The day after he died, I created a tribute page on the website. Not only did I want to express my feelings on his passing, I also wanted to honor a man, who truly was my hero.
If you would like to see the tribute page, you can use this link: Steve Jobs Tribute

My Forum

In addition to this website, I also host a forum. If you'd like to check it out, you can use this link: www.tapatalk.com/groups/onemacman. To read a little more about it, click on read more below.

When I first decided to start a forum, I wanted to create something different. I wanted to provide a place where we could discuss almost anything and not be tied to a specific topic. It was also important it was suitable for all ages, so everyone could have fun and participate in the discussion and that meant, it needed to be closely monitored for inappropriate content and I assure you it is.

On 1Macman’s Forum, there a lot of different topics to choose from, so everyone should be able to find something their interested in. Some of the categories include, Auto & Home, Sports, Health & Fitness and Technology to name a few. There is even a market place, where you can list things you want to sell, trade, or are looking to buy.

In order to participate in the forum, you first need to set up a user account, but i’s free and easy to do. You simply create a user name and password, supply an email address, then respond to a verification email. That's all there is to it and in a few short minutes, you’re able to participate.

So come on over and get involved in the conversation, just make sure you read and abide by, the forum rules.

Forum Changes
You may have already noticed, that my forum has gone through some changes. The provider who originally hosted it, migrated all their forums, over to Tapatalk. The reason for the move, was that their server's were becoming outdated and they could no longer offer, an acceptable user experience. So rather than rebuild everything from the ground up, or even worse, shutting it all down, they thought it would be in everyone's best interest, to move the forums, to another service.

In addition to the move, I have been making, some changes of my own. I went through every post, and deleted the old or irrelevant ones. I also designed a new logo and added some new sections. So even though it has a new look and feel, it's still the same forum. I hope you continue to participate and support it, and I look forward to seeing you there.

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