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Welcome to 1Macman's Place
I started this website, as a place, where my family and friends can stay in touch and share things with each other. I wanted to make something that felt more our own, away from the larger social media sites.
Family and friends can share things like, their favorite photos or the latest news, a special event such as a birthday or an anniversary, or even a home movie. For more information on sharing your content see sharing information.
I am continually working to improve the website, hopefully making your visit, more enjoyable. If you have a suggestion for the website, please feel free to contact me anytime. Also make sure to tell other family members and friends about the site, so they can participate and enjoy it too.
On the Website
Learn a little more information about me, my life and the reason that I started this website.
Useful tips and information covering anything from computers and technology to things around the house.
Keep up with the latest news from family and friends as well as other news that you might find interesting.
Share and view photos and photo albums, from our family and friends, in the Photo Gallery.
Check the bulletin board for a post, see the newest website notes and read some website email.
Go on in to the Movie Theater and take a seat, then sit back, relax and enjoy some of our home movies.
Keep informed of upcoming events like birthdays, anniversaries and more, with our Event Calendar.
Check out my Blog and read something that interests you, then join in and share your comments.
Check out the sidebar to find things like site information, my tribute to Steve Jobs and a link to my YouTube channel.
What's New

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I made somechanges to the Event List. You can now click to show the details for a particular event. It makes the list shorter and much easier to read.


I made some changes to th photo Gallery page and added a few new photos to the photo wall.


If you just upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS 8. I added a tip that shows some new functions, tricks, and time-savers that are hidden in some of your favorite apps.


October events are now posted on the website.


I changed the name of the In Touch page to Message Center as well as modified some things on the page.


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1Macman's Forum
I am very pleased with how my new forum is doing so far. I've been working hard putting something together that everyone will enjoy. If you haven't checked it out yet, it's located outside of this website, at freeforms.org. There are links below and in the sidebar, to get to it.
In order to participate in the forum, you will first need to set up an account. It's free and easy do, you just create a user name and password, supply an email address then verify an email, that you receive. That's it, your ready to start participating. So come on over and join in on the conversation.
Use the link below, to go to the forum and set up your account.
1Macman's Forum @ onemacman.freeforums.org
Hope to see you there!