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This page, is full of tips and useful information on things like computers and software, mobile devices, and entertainment to name a few. There are several different categories, with the most recent tip, at the bottom of each list. Each tip also includes a difficulty gauge, which indicates the level of knowledge, skill and/or tools, that may be required, to accomplish it.
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Apps & Software

Simplify Cloud Storage Services
This tip from Macworld, will help you learn how to simplify overlapping cloud storage services.
Posted 9/21/14
Spaces, Mission Control & Split View
Learn how to use these features on an Apple computer and make your desktop more manageable.
Posted 12/16/15
Before You Purchase a New App
Have your eye on a nifty new app, here are 5 things to look for, before you purchase it.
Posted 1/12/15
How to Start a Note with a Headline
Here’s an easy way, to automatically start every new note in the Apple Notes app, with a headline.
Posted 9/15/16
How to Use AirDrop
Learn how to use AirDrop, to wirelessly share photos and files, with nearby Apple devices.
Posted 1/13/17

Around the House

How to Build, Carpenter Bee Traps
Learn how to build your own Carpenter bee traps, using simple construction materials.
Posted 8/8/13
Make Your Own Weed Killer
With this tip, you can make your own weed killer, for a fraction of what it cost, at hardware store.
Posted 8/9/13
Roasting Peanuts at Home
Learn how to make, fresh oven-roast peanuts at home. It's simple, when you follow these instructions.
Posted 1/15/14


20 Computer Terms, for a Mac User
Learn the proper terminology, for connecting things like printers, cameras, and hard drives, to your Mac.
Posted 8/8/13
20 More Terms, for the Mac User
This is a follow-up to "20 computer terms every Mac user should know" (previously posted).
Posted 8/12/13
How to Connect a PC to an HDTV
This tip will teach you how to connect a Windows-based PC to your HDTV, and control it from across the room.
Posted 10/31/13
Use Microsoft Documents on a Mac
Learn how to easily open Microsoft documents, or save files in the Microsoft format, with a Mac.
Posted 9/12/17


Stream iTunes Library, to an Apple TV
Learn how to easily play music or stream a movie in your iTunes library, to your Apple TV.
Posted 9/25/15
Remote App Setup, for the Apple TV
The Remote App will work from any room and allow you input text and navigate your iTunes content, on the Apple TV.
Posted 9/26/15

Fun & Entertainment

Build Your Own Cornhole Set
This tip will teach you everything you need to know, about making your very own cornhole set.
Posted 8/10/13

Health & Fitness

Should You Eat, Butter or Margarine
Do you know the difference between butter and margarine, or which one is actually better for you?
Posted 9/13/13
Losing Weight, the Easy Way
If your interested in losing weight, but nothing seems to work, then here’s a tip that may help.
Posted 9/28/15


Best Buy Matches, Amazon Prices
Next time you want to purchase something at Best Buy, make sure to check the price on amazon.
Posted 8/8/13
How to Spot a Phishing Scam
Phishing scams are one of the most common problems on the web today. This tip, will help you identify them.
Posted 8/1/15
Before Getting Rid of a Smartphone
Thinking about selling or giving away your smartphone, Here is some information, on what you need to do, first.
Posted 1/4/16

Mobile Devices

Help With Choosing an iPad
Figuring out which iPad is right for you, is much easier than you think. Here is some information that will help.
Posted 3/1/15
Create Events and Send Invites
If you’re planning an event and want to let people know, create it on your iPhone and then invite your guests.
Posted 8/10/16
Split or Move, the iPad Keyboard
This tip will show you how to split your iPad keyboard, or undock it from the bottom of the screen and move it.
Posted 9/15/16
Encrypt Your iPhone Backup
To keep iPhone backup data secure in iTunes, it's important to encrypt it. This tip will show you how.
Posted 9/15/16
Sorting Your iPhone Contacts
Want to change the way your iPhone displays your Contacts, read this tip, to learn how to do it.
Posted 8/29/17
How to Add Attachments in Mail
This tip will show you how to add attachments to the Mail app, on your iPhone.
Posted 8/29/17
10 Things to Do, if You Use an iPhone
There are a lot of mistakes, an iPhone user makes, on a regular basis. Here is a list of 10 things, you should be doing.
Posted 12/16/17
Scan Doc's to iPhone Notes App
Would you like to scan documents into your iPhone Notes app. With iOS 11 you can and this tip will show you how.
Posted 1/18/18
Attach Video to iPhone Messages
Want to share a video you recorded on your iPhone with family and friends. This tip will show you how to do it.
Posted 1/18/18


Before Purchasing Vaping Equipment
Here are some tips on the things you should do, before purchasing any vaping equipment.
Posted 2/19/14
How to Steep Your EJuice
Did you know you can get better flavor from Ejuice by steeping it, this tip will teach you how to do it.
Posted 4/20/15
Stop Kanthal Spools From Unraveling
This tip, will show you an easy way, to keep your Kanthal spools, from unraveling.
Posted 3/20/16
Tips for the Beginner Vaper
Are you new to Vaping, then here are some tips and information, that will help you out.
Posted 1/22/18
Prepare and Fill Your New Tank
Here is some information on how to properly prep and fill, you're new Vape tank.
Posted 1/22/18
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