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Welcome to our community, where there’s quite a lot to explore. You’ll find news and events for our family and friends, tips on a variety of different things and the website calendar, just to name a few, so take some time to look around and enjoy.

In This Section

There are five main pages in the the Community section. In addition, the Tips page uses hidden archive pages, to hold the actual information, so be sure to read the navigation instructions at the bottom of the page. Below is a brief description of the pages in this section, to visit them, use the links, at the upper-left of the page.


The first page, in the Community section, is a News page. Here, you can read the latest news from our family and friends along with some other news, that you might find interesting.


On the Messages page, you can check the latest notes & reminders, see the monthly shout-outs, and read some things, that took place in our history. There is also a section with email, that was sent to the website.


It seems like there’s always, an event, in our lives and the Calendar page, will help keep you informed. It has birthdays and anniversaries, for our family and friends, along with all the major holidays and some other, special events.


On the Events page, you can see things taking place, where our family and friends reside. The list also includes, some other events, you might be interested in.


The final page in the Community section, is the Tips page. Here you can get useful information, on things like computers and technology, health & fitness and even tips for around the house. Each tip, also has a difficulty gauge, indicating the level of knowledge, skill, and/or tools, required to accomplish it. Be sure to read the instructions below, on how to navigate, the Tip pages.


You can easily navigate, through the main pages in this section, using the main and sub-navigation menus. The Tips page, requires a different method of navigation, because it uses hidden archive pages, to hold the information. To navigate the tip pages, follow the instructions, below.

Navigating the Tip Pages

  • To read the information for any tip, click the Show Tip button.
  • To return to the main Tip page from any archive page, or navigate the other pages, use the Select Page button.

Sharing on the Website

Family members and friends, can share all kinds of things on the website, like the latest news or your favorite photos, a special event like a birthday or anniversary and even your home movies. To learn more about sharing on the website, please see the Support page. If you still have questions about submitting your content, feel free to contact me anytime.
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