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Thank you for visiting 1Macman’s Place and I hope you enjoy, your stay. This section, contains important information about the website, along with some things, that will help improve your experience.

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There are five pages in this section and each one, has different information. Below, is a description, of what’s on the pages and you can visit them, use the links at the upper-left of this page.


I am continually working, to improving the website, to help make your visit, more enjoyable. On this page, you’ll find some thing that are new on the site, along with a list, of the most recent changes.


The next page, is the website terms of use and legal disclaimer. I ask that you please take a moment, to read this information, which governs my relationship with you, in relation to this website.


The third page, is the website policy. It has detailed information, on the content and privacy practices, of this website.


On the support page, you can read useful information on how to share your content on the website, along with information that may help, if you’re experiencing problems, using the site.


The final page, is a contact form. You can use it, to request information about the website, make suggestions for the site or just to say hello. I’m always interested, in hearing from you and if you need information, don’t hesitate, to contact me.

Sharing on the Website

Family members and friends, can share all kinds of things on the website, like the latest news or your favorite photos, a special event like a birthday or anniversary and even your home movies. To learn more about sharing on the website, please see the Support page. If you still have questions about submitting your content, feel free to contact me anytime.

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