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In the Media section of the website, you can look through some of our favorite photos or sit back, relax and watch a home movie or two. So if you spend a little time here, I’m sure you’ll have fun.

In This Section

Below is a brief description, of what you’ll find in the Media section. At the moment there are only three pages, but more will be added, as the need grows. This section also uses slightly different methods, for navigating the pages, so please be sure to read the instructions below. To visit any of the pages, use the links, at the upper-left of the page.

Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery, is made up of five sections and each one, has a different type of photos. On this page, you’ll find single photos, random photos, photo albums, shared photo albums and even an Honor and Remember section. So take your time, to look around and enjoy.

Movie Theaters

The next two pages, in this section, are movie theaters, so sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Each theater, has up to 8 home movies, which shared by our family and friends and we plan to add more theaters, as the movie list grows.


You can easily navigate, through the main pages in this section, using the main and sub-navigation menus. However, the Photos and Movie Theater pages, each use a slightly different method of navigation. To navigate those pages, follow each set of instructions, below. The instructions, are also available, in both sections, of the website.

Navigating the Photo Albums

The Photos page, album section, uses hidden sub-pages, to house the photo albums. To navigate the albums, follow the instructions, below.
  • To view any album, click on its thumbnail photo. It will open in a new window or tab, in your browser.
  • While on the album page, click any photo, to open the album viewer and see the photos, in full size.
  • To return to the album page, while in the viewer, click Back to Album, above any photo.
  • To return to the Photo Gallery page, when you are finished viewing, simply close the albums window or tab, in your browser.

Navigating the Movie Theaters

You can navigate through the theaters, using the sub-navigation menu, at the top of the page or the navigation button. Clicking the navigation button, opens a dropdown, menu, with a list of theaters. Black text in the menu, indicates the theater, you are currently in, blue, indicates an available theater and gray, indicates a theater, not yet, available.

Sharing on the Website

Family members and friends, can share all kinds of things on the website, like the latest news or your favorite photos, a special event like a birthday or anniversary and even your home movies. To learn more about sharing on the website, please see the Support page. If you still have questions about submitting your content, feel free to contact me anytime.
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