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March 22nd

Another Eye Doctor

Joyce had to see another eye doctor today. This time it was to check to see if she had a hole in the back of her right eye. We went to a place in Stow called The Retina Group, to see a specialist, she was referred to.
They ran her through a bunch of tests and it turns out, she doesn’t have hole in her eye, but tiny blood vessels, over her inner Retina. The doctor said she was born with it and there’s no cure or surgery to fix it. He told her eyes are what they are and outside of getting stronger glasses every few years, they are the best they can be.
She does have to go back in a year for a followup though, to make sure it’s not getting any worse.
March 21st

More Snow

We got more snow last night. It wasn’t a lot, so I didn’t have to go out and shovel, but it's still getting old. I know I live in Ohio, but it is spring time and I'm so ready, for warmer weather. Going by the latest forecast though, it doesn't look like we'll be getting it, anytime soon.
March 19th

Getting a New Pair

I had another eye exam today to find out why, I’m having a problem with my new eyeglasses. After the Optometrist finished the normal tests, he did a few others, and ended up changing my prescription. I don’t know all the medical terms, but it had something to do with the Stigmatism in one eye and the optic something or another.
After I got my new prescription, I went straight over to BJ’s, to get my glasses re-made. The Optician there, said the prescription was a pretty major change and no wonder, I couldn’t see. Anyway he ordered me a new set of glasses and it didn’t cost me anything. The glasses I have now, make me dizzy and feel weird, so I’m back to using my old pair, until the new ones come in.
March 18th

Problem With My Glasses

Since I got my new eyeglasses, I've been having a hard time seeing things at a distance. It may be the Optometrist's fault, because when I got my eye exam, he said something about lowering my distance magnification. At the time, I wasn’t sure why he would lower it, but he gave an explanation and I figured he knew why he was doing.
We got our glasses at BJ’s, so we went there today, to get them checked out. I thought it best to go there first, to make sure the prescription was done correctly. I explained my situation to Optician, and he verified the prescription and made a few adjustments to my glasses.
We both thought part of the problem I was having, could have something to do with where my center line of sight on the glasses was. The way the nose and ear piece’s were set, I may have been seeing both the near and far sight parts of the transition, when I was looking straight forward. After he made the adjustments, it seemed to help a bit and they felt more comfortable, but I was still having a problem seeing.
So on our way home, we stopped by Walmart to see what could be done on their end. The Optometrist wasn’t in because there was Sunday, but I asked the assistant some questions and have a followup appointment tomorrow. They are going to also verify the prescription and more than likely recheck my eyes.
If the prescription does change, I’m going right back to BJ’s, to get them remade. Our glasses came with a 30-day free replacement guarantee, if there was a problem with the prescription, so I want to get it taken care of as soon as possible.
March 17th

Birthday Party

Today Joyce and I went to our great-grandniece Kyrah’s birthday party. It’s hard to believe, tomorrow she’s going to be 2 years old already. Time really does fly because it doesn’t seem it was that long ago, we went to her first birthday party.
March 14th

Joe Thomas Retires

Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas, announced today, that he has decided to retire. Thomas said the decision was an extremely difficult, but was the right thing to do, for him and my family. He also stated that “Playing in the NFL has taken a toll on my body and I can no longer physically compete at the level I need to.”
Since being selected third overall in the 2007 NFL Draft, Joe Thomas has played 10,363 consecutive snaps over 11 seasons and is one of only five players in NFL history, to make the Pro Bowl, in his first 10 seasons.
March 13th

Elton John Tribute

A GRAMMY tribute concert for rock legend Elton John, is scheduled to air on CBS, on Tuesday, April 10th, at 9 PM ET. The concert is being held to celebrate Elton’s incredible 55-year career and will feature performances from some of the biggest names in music, performing Elton's greatest hits.
March 11th

Browns Trades

Over the past few days, the Cleveland Browns have been making some major trades. On Friday, they used their stockpile of draft picks, to acquire Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor, Dolphins WR Jarvis Landry and Packers defensive back, Damarious Randall. Then on Saturday they made another deal, sending defensive tackle Danny Shelton to the New England patriots, which also involves each team picking up a draft pick.
March 10th

Golden Corral

Joyce and I, went to the Golden Corral for dinner today, with my mom and dad. Mom and I, both had a birthday coupon, for a free buffet and today was the best day for us to go. The food was really good, they were even serving Prime Rib and as usual, we all ate way too much.
March 9th

On Our Birthday

Today was my mine and my mother's birthday. As usual we went to Denny’s for breakfast this morning, to get our free Grand Slam. Joyce took the day off, so it was her and I, along with my Mom and Dad.
After breakfast, Joyce and I we went to get the license plate sticker for our Van, and turn in some paperwork, for our Medicaid. When we finished all that, we headed straight over to BJ’s, to pick up our new eyeglasses. The glasses are great and even though I'm still in the adjustment period for my new prescription, it sure is nice, to be able to see clearly again.
Tomorrow after Joyce gets off work, the four of us are going to Golden Corral for dinner. Mom and I, have a coupon for a free buffet, so we are all looking forward to that.
March 7th

The Fight for Net Neutrality

Washington state just enacted its own net neutrality rules and is the first state in the nation, to do so. The rules would impose strict requirements on Internet service providers and make it illegal, for them to block or slow down websites.
Back in December, the FCC voted to repeal the federal government's net neutrality rules. The list of states attempting to block the repeal, is quickly growing and analysts predict this could prove to be a big problem, for Internet service providers. Broadband companies claim, that the net neutrality rules, prevented them from investing in upgrades to their infrastructure.
March 5th

Doctors Appointment

I had a doctor appointment with my Rheumatologist today. It was my 6 month routine checkup and everything went well. He still wants to keep me on the Humira though, in fear that if I stop taking it, the sever Arthritis could return.
March 2nd

Major Snow

After it poured down rain, for two days straight, we woke up to about 8 inches of snow. With that much snow, of course I had to shovel it. This time was much worse, than all the other timesI've had to shovel this winter. Since it was raining so much and then turned to snow, it was extremely heavy.
It took me almost 3 hours, to shovel the driveway, walks and the dog pen and it practically killed me, to do it.
March 1st

New Stones Album

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, stated that the band will release a new album of original material, sometime in 2018. He said the band has spent about three weeks in the recording studio, over the past two years working on the album, but it’s still in the early stages.
February 28th

Ordered Our Eyeglasses

This morning, Joyce and I had our eye exam, and as soon as we got our prescription, we headed directly to BJ’s, to get our glasses. It took us a little while, but we both were able to find a pair we liked and started going through the process.
They had 50% off everything, plus we had an additional 10%, so we only paid $577.00 for two pair. They aren’t cheap glasses either, because we both got Designer Frames, Progressive and Transition lenses and a Teflon scratch resistant coating.
So our glasses are on order and it will take around 7-10 days to get them, but when we do, we will be able to see a lot better.
February 27th

Eye Exam

Joyce and I both have an Eye Exam at Walmart tomorrow. As soon as we're done, we are going to BJ's, to pick out eyeglasses and if everything goes right, we should have some on order, by tomorrow afternoon. Can't wait either, because it will be really nice, to see clearly again.
February 26th

New Vape Gear

The stuff I ordered from Eciggity came today. I got the Wismec Luxotic BF and a Peerless Special Edition RDA by GeekVape. The Luxotic Squonk Mod is pretty cool and looks of good quality. The Peerless RDA is also really nice and it is solid Stainless Steel, so it’s very well made.
The Luxotic came with the Tobhino RDA and it's a little hard to build, but the Peerless RDA is easy. I am really enjoying them both and after a few builds, I find their sweet spot.
February 25th

Shopping For Eyeglasses

Yesterday, Joyce and I went out shopping for eyeglasses. We both need to get new glasses, so that was the plan, for our tax refund. We went out again today, but because it was Sunday, there wasn’t a lot of places open.
First we went to Sears Optical in Stow and they had a pretty good deal, but don’t accept our insurance. So we went to BJ’s next, and they have a sale going on, with 50% off everything. I also have a coupon for an additional 10% off, so that that makes it a really good deal.
BJ's doesn’t do eye exams, so the next step was to find somewhere to get that done, and would accept our insurance. We went to Walmart next, and their computer was down, but they are pretty sure they take our insurance. So we both set up an appointment, for Wednesday.
February 23rd

Packages Came

Today I got the stuff I ordered from Amazon, even the DVD I ordered for Joyce. I was surprised that the DVD came, because it was from a third-party seller, and coming from bookstore, in Massachusetts.
I bought a pouch on Amazon, to hold my iPhone and my Vape Gear. It's actually nice and will hold it all at the same time, that will be great, for going to Flea Markets. My package from Eciggity, is supposed to be delivered Monday and the water filters I ordered, should be here on Tuesday.
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