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Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery, is made up of different types of photos. You’ll find single photos, random photos, photo albums and an Honor and Remember section. So take your time, to look around and if you have some, you’d like to share, contact me, for more information.

Daily Pic

The Daily Pic photos, are chosen at random, with the latest one, showing first. They change automatically, but you can easily pause it, by hovering over a photo. To make them change again, simply remove the cursor, from hovering on a photo.
  • I'm really anxious to go for a bike ride, now if the weather would only cooperate.
  • I took this picture years ago, at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. I sure do miss going.
  • Since it's the first day of spring, hopefully this will set the mood, for some warmer weather.
  • My mom took this picture of me, clearing out their driveway, after a fairly decent snowfall.
  • Another really old photo. This one is my mom, aunt and grandma, with some of my cousins.
  • This picture is from a Father's Day picnic, at the Montgomery house, back in 2007.
  • Here's a picture of my brother David, with his girlfriend Joanna. They look good together.
  • This is a picture of our dog Binks. Unlike Ziggy, Binks is really quiet and mellow.
  • Here is another old, black and whit picture. It's of my mom and dad, on their wedding day.
  • Here's picture of my Luxotic BF. It's a beautiful Mod and it works really well.

Photo Wall

The Photo Wall, is the place we share our single photos. To make more room, there are several spaces of photos. To view another space, hover over the photos, and use the direction controls or pager dots. You can also swipe left or right, if you're using a mobile device.
To view the full size version of a photo, just click on it and it will open in new window or tab, in your browser. When you’re finished viewing, simply close the new window or tab.
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    Beauty Shop-photo
    Beauty Shop
    Our Mogwai-photo
    Our Mogwai
    Early 80
    Early 80's Job
    Santa & Joyce-photo
    Santa & Joyce
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    Balloon A-Fair
    Mom & Dads Wedding-photo
    Wedding Day
    Humming Bird-photo
    Humming Bird
    Jon Harris
    Forever Friends
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    Christmas Hats-photo
    Christmas hats
    Party Flyer-photo
    Party Flyer '94
    Dads Boat-photo
    Dad's Boat
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    Baby Binks
    My Guitar
    Mini Guitar
    1MMP Article-photo
    My Business
    Birds in Flight
    Birds in Flight
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    The Old Gang-photo
    The Old Gang
    Hawk in Flight
    Kiss Concert-photo
    Kiss Concert
    That's Close
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    Binks & Ziggy-photo
    Binks & Ziggy
    Tiger Grass-photo
    Tiger Grass
    Mom & Dad-photo
    Mom & Dad
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    Joyce Rocks-photo
    Joyce Rocks
    Blimp Landing
    Robbie Wolfe-photo
    Met a Celebrity
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    Stacks Image 54049
    Parents Caricature
    Male Silhouette-photo
    Your Photo Here
    Your Photo Here
    Male Silhouette-photo
    Your Photo Here

Photo Albums

Here are the latest albums, shared by our family and friends. Each one, contains several pictures, on a particular subject or category. The photos, are actually stored on hidden sub-pages, so navigation, is slightly different. Please read, the navigation instructions below, before viewing an album.
To make more room, there are several spaces of albums. To view another space, hover over the photos, and use the direction controls or pager dots. You can also swipe left or right, if you're using a mobile device.

Album Navigation

Follow these simple steps, to navigate the albums.
1. To view an album, click on its thumbnail photo and it will open in a new window or tab, in your browser.
2. On the album page, you can click any photo, to open the Album Viewer. You will now see the photo, in full size.
3. While in the Album Viewer, you can click on Previous or Next, to navigate through the photos, in the album.
4. To return to the album page (while in the viewer), click on Album, located above any photo.
5. When you finish viewing an album, simply close the window or tab, and return to the Photo Gallery page.
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    Joyce & John’s Wedding-album
    Joyce & John's
    Wedding 1980
    Grandma Wiseman-album
    My Grandma
    Cleveland Zoo Album
    Cleveland Zoo
    John & Yvonne’s Anniv-album
    John & Yvonne's
    50th Anniversary
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    Flower Garden-album
    Photos of Our
    Flower Garden's
    Marge & Dale’s 50th Anniv-album
    Marge & Dale's
    50th Anniversary
    Balloon AFair-album
    The Ravenna
    Balloon A-Fair
    Jim & Jeannie’s 40th Anniv-album
    Jim & Jeannie's
    40th Anniversary
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    Jim & Jan
    Jim & Jan's
    25th Anniversary
    Geauga Lake-album
    Geauga Lake
    Park 2008
    John's 50th
    Birthday Party
    Male Silhouette med-photo
    Share Your
    Album Here

Honor and Remember

This is a place I set up, to honor and remember, our loved ones, family and friends. It is very important, that we honor someones accomplishments in life, as well as never forget, those who are no longer with us.

Let Us Honor

We would like to congratulate and honor, these family members and friends, for their outstanding accomplishments.
Female Silhouette-photo
To Share a Photo

In Loving Memory

Let us never forget, the loved ones, family and friends, who were once a part of our lives and forever, made it better. There are several spaces of photos, in this section and to view them, you simply hover over the photos, and use the direction controls or pager dots. You can also swipe left or right, if you're using a mobile device.
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    Leroy Wiseman-photo
    Leroy Wiseman
    1910 - 1981
    Chewy Hughes
    1985 - 2001
    Meow Hughes
    1993 - 2002
    Thomas Wiseman-photo
    Thomas Wiseman
    1938 - 2003
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    katie Montgomery-photo
    Katie Montgomery
    1912 - 2003
    Mildred Wiseman-photo
    Mildred Wiseman
    1916 - 2011
    Gizmo Hughes
    2000 - 2011
    Dale Montgomery-photo
    Dale Montgomery
    1933 - 2013
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    Mogwai Hughes
    2001 - 2015
    Charlie Ross-photo
    Charlie Ross
    1930 - 2015
    Sebastian Hughes
    2011 - 2015
    Larry Roach-photo
    Larry Roach
    1961 - 2016
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    Donald Pawloski-photo
    Donald Pawloske
    1935 - 2016
    Pete Harold
    2004 - 2017
    Carl Bodenshatz-photo
    Carl Bodenschatz
    1943 - 2017
    Eugene Harris-photo
    Eugene Harris
    1934 - 2017
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    Malinda Horne-photo
    Malinda Horne
    1963 - 2018
    Male Silhouette-photo
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    To Share a Photo
    Male Silhouette-photo
    To Share a Photo

Shared Photo Albums

The albums in this section, were shared by our family and friends, from various websites. The name of the person who shared the album, is posted under the description. Since they control the content, it may contain pictures on a particular subject, random pictures or even videos. Some albums, even allow viewer commenting and the ability to upload, photos of your own.
To view an album, just click on its title, or the stack of photos above it. The album will open in a new window or tab in your browser, and because they are hosted on external sites, the method of navigation may differ, from one album to the next.
Shared Album-marker
Christmas photos of the Hughes family, through the years.
By: 1Macman
Shared Album-marker
Share photos of loved ones, who are no longer with us.
By: 1Macman
Shared Album-marker
Montgomery family Christmas photos, through the years.
By: 1Macman
Shared Album-marker
An album with photos, of our favorite pets and animals.
By: 1Macman
Shared Album-marker
This album contains miscellaneous and assorted photos.
By: 1Macman
Blank Shared Album-marker
Your Album Here
Feel free to contact me, to share your album here.
By: Contributor

Contributor Notes

Here is some important information about the shared photo albums, from the people who shared them.
The albums that I shared on the website, only allow you to view the photos. If you are interested in commenting or uploading photos to an album, feel free to contact me and I'll send you an invite. Be sure to include, the name of the album, along with an active email address.
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