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Movie Theater 2

For years, people have been making home movies and capturing memories, this is where we share some of ours. The movies have been scaled down from their original versions, for Internet use.

About the Theater

There are multiple theaters to choose from, with up to 8 movies in each. To watch any movie, click on the play button. You can also watch it on YouTube or in full screen, by first clicking play, then choosing either YouTube or full screen, located in the control panel, at the bottom of the movie. Clicking on YouTube, will open a new window or tab in your browser, so you will not leave the site.

Theater Navigation

You can navigate through the theaters, by using the sub-navigation menu at the top of the page, or the "Select Theater" button. Clicking the button, opens a dropdown menu, with a list of available theaters. Black text in the menu, indicates the theater you are in, blue indicates an available theater and grayed out text, indicates a theater, not yet available.
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Dad's Retirement Party
This video was taken at my Dad's retirement party, back in 1994. It's hard to believe, that it's been that long, since he retired.
Submitted by: 1Macman
Wiseman Reunion - Forest Park Zoo
This is a double feature video of a family reunion and a trip to the Forest Park Zoo. They both took place in Pennsylvania, but I'm not sure of the dates, for either.
Submitted by: 1Macman
Misty’s Graduation
Here is a video, of my niece Misty. It was filmed at her high school graduation party, back in 2009.
Submitted by: 1Macman
4th of July Party
This is a slideshow video, from a 4th of July party, in 2004. Every year, we got together to cook out, play volleyball and of course, drink a lot of beer. It was always a good time and I sure do miss those days.
Submitted by: 1Macman
Theater 2
Theater 3
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