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I am continually working, to improving the website, to help make your visit, more enjoyable. Here, you’ll find some thing that are new on the site, along with a list, of the most recent changes. If you have an idea or suggestion for the website, please feel free to contact me, and let me know.

What’s New

Here are the things, that were added to the website, over the last 6 months. Each one shows its path, which is also a link to the addition. The list does not include things like news, events or shout-outs.

Another New Tip

Another new tip, was added to the Tips section. It’s on use Microsoft documents, with a Mac
Date added: 9/12/17

New Section

I added a new Quote of the Day section, to the Messages page.
Date added: 10/15/17

New Photo

There’s a new photo, hanging on the Photo Wall. It’s a picture of my Mom & Dad, on their wedding day.
Date added: 10/30/17

New Tip

I added a new tip, to the Tips section. It's on 10 things you should do, if you use an iPhone
Date added: 12/16/17

New Photo

There’s a new photo, hanging on the Photo Wall. It’s a Caricature picture of my parents.
Date added: 1/4/18

New Photo

There’s a new photo, in the Honor and Remember section. It's a picture of my brothers x-wife, who recently passed away.
Date added: 1/11/18

More New Tips

I added two more iPhone tips, to the Tips section. The first is how to scan Documents, into Notes app and the other is, how to attach video, to iPhone Messages.
Date added: 1/18/18

New Tip

I added two new Vaping tips, to the Tips section. They both contain some useful information, if you're a beginning Vaper.
Date added: 1/22/18

Website Modifications

This is a list, of everything that has been modified on the website, over the past year. The modifications are listed, in ascending order.
Caption’s, were added to the photos, in the Daily Pic, section.
Adjusted the line spacing and width, of the On This Day section. It should now be easier to read.
There's now a ticket availability feature, on the Events page.
A new Headline Ticker, was added to the News page.
The text in the On This Day Section, of the Messages page, now types out automatically.
I changed the Theater Select button, on the Theater pages. It now has popup selection, rather than a dropdown box.
The captions on the Photo Wall, were aligned to center.
I added a new popup and hide Social Bar, to the bottom of the page.
The website Calendar, now has more color. Not only does it give it flare, it is also serves as an indicator, for the type of event.
I redesigned the website logo. It's now full browser width and slides out of the way, as soon as you start to scroll.
I added quick navigation, to the Events page. It's exactly the same, as on the website Calendar.
I added backgrounds to the month's, of the website Calendar page.
A few adjustments were made, to the website Footer.
I changed the color, of the News Ticker links.
This time I made some major changes to the entire website. I started with a different background color, and doing that, required me to change a lot of colors, on other pages.
Because photos take up a lot of page space, I made some changes, to the Photos page. The Photo Wall and In Loving Memory sections, are now separated into spaces within the page, instead of being in rows. You can navigate the spaces, using direction controls.
I made some slight modifications, to the Events page.
I added a new logo, to the website.
I changed the current page and hover colors, in the Navigation Menu.
The Vidme link, was removed from the Social Bar, because the website shut down.
I added colorful social media links and changed the background color, of the Social Bar.
I made a few modifications, to the Events page.
An easier method of navigation, was added to the Tip, archive pages.
The website was updated, to reflect the current year.
I redesigned, the Links page and added, more website links.
I changed the Daily Pic section, of the Photos page. I think it looks really nice now.
I made a few modifications, to the Headline Ticker, of the News page.
I removed the Pager Dot feature, from the Daily Pic section, of the Photos page.
I removed the camera style button, from the Shared Photo Album section, of the Photos page. You can now use the album title, or the stack of photos, to get to the album.
I added a better method of navigation, to the Tip pages.
I added direct ticket purchase links, to the Events page.
I made some changes, to the video text formatting, on the Theater pages.
I made some improvements, to the Tips and Links pages.
I completely redesigned, the look of the Calendar page.
I uploaded a fresh new version of the website, to keep it loading smoothly.

Sharing on the Website

Family members and friends, can share all kinds of things on the website, like the latest news or your favorite photos, a special event like a birthday or anniversary and even your home movies. To learn more about sharing on the website, please see the Support page. If you still have questions about submitting your content, feel free to contact me anytime.
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