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General Vaping Information


Before You Purchase Vape Gear

Posted 2/19/14
First things first, if you're trying to quit smoking, an e-cigarette may work for you, so don't be afraid to give it a try. No matter whether you are are an experienced Vaper or just starting out, here is a list of 5 things that will definitely help you, before purchasing any Vaping equipment.
1. Before you go out to purchase any type of Vaping equipment, first do some research. Get as much information as you can, on any device or supplies that you plan to purchase. There is a lot of reviews and useful information out there, so the Internet and YouTube is a great place to start.
2. Don't be afraid to ask questions when you're at the store. Most of the sales people that work at a Vape store, know a lot about the products they sell and are more than happy to help you out.
3. Don't buy something if your not sure. Remember, you don't have to buy something just because you are at the store. If you're still not sure, go back home and do some more research. Check out a few Vaping forums or chat groups.
4. Beware of knock-offs or clones. You may pay a little more up front for a genuine product, but in the end, it's worth it. Knock-offs or clones can be dangerous especially when it comes to batteries. They’re made by cutting corners to make it cheaper, sometimes even leaving out some important safety features found in a genuine product, to lower the cost. So in the end, it's not worth putting yourself in danger, just to save a few bucks.
5. Finally, you don't have to keep spending money upgrading devices. You can go out and get a low cost device or kit that you like, with a couple of batteries and some e-liquid, and you'll be good to go. Then, if and when you want, you can upgrade things down the road.
The main thing is not to forget why you are doing this in the first place. You want to quit smoking, and stay off cigarettes and following these simple steps, just may help you do that.
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Steeping EJuice

Posted 4/20/15
Did you know that steeping and aging your Ejuice, really does make it taste better. It will bring out the flavor and can also help get rid of the nasty chemical taste, especially if you buy your juice custom mixed.
This method of steeping has two stages, mixing and breathing & heat steeping. Below are the steps, on how to do, each stage of the process. It is also best, to allow your Ejuice to age, for at least two weeks, before you use it. Just like wine, the longer you let it age, the better it will taste.

Mixing and Breathing the Ejuice

1. When you first get new Ejuice, make sure you shake the bottle vigorously for several minutes to mix it up and put air bubbles into the liquid.
2. After shaking it, put it in a cool dark place and let it set there over night.
3. The next day, I shake it up again, then remove the cap and the dripper tip and let it breath for at least 4 hours.
4. After letting it breath for 4 hours, replace the tip and cap, then shake the bottle again and put it back in a cool dark place.
5. Over the next week, you want to shake the bottle daily to mix it and add air bubbles.
6. Every other day, remove the cap before shaking and gently squeeze and release the bottle 10 to 15 times, to exchange the air, then put the cap back on and shake it up.
7. At the end of the first week and the breathing process, you will want to heat steep the Ejuice.

Heat steeping the Ejuice

Heat steeping is very simple to do and really brings out the flavor of the juice.
In order to complete this process, your Ejuice must be in a glass bottle. If it's in a plastic bottle, you may be able to purchase a glass dripper bottle, from your local vape store or pharmacy. You will also need a coffee mug, some paper towels and a timer.
1. First, pour your Ejuice into a clean glass bottle.
2. Put the cap back on the Bottle and shake the bottle vigorously for several minutes to mix it up and get air bubbles into the liquid.
3. Remove the cap from the bottle.
4. Fill your coffee mug half way up, with really hot tap water.
5. Place the bottle of Ejuice into the coffee mug of hot water, while making sure the water does not overflow and get into the Ejuice.
6. Set your timer for 30 minutes and leave the bottle in the cup of hot water, until the timer goes off.
7. When the timer goes off, remove the bottle from the water, dry it off and repeat steps 4 through 6, three more times. Make sure to refill the mug with fresh, hot tap water, each time.
8. After completing the heat steeping process 4 times, put the cap back on the bottle and shake it up again.
9. Stored the Ejuice in a cool dark place, until you need it.
If you only have one glass bottle and need it to heat steep your next batch of Ejuice, just pour the juice back into the original plastic bottle, prior to shaking and storing it.
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Stop Kanthal, From Unraveling

Posted 3/20/16
It's happened to all of us who Vape. You go to build a coil and your spool of Kanthal, lets loose and unrolls all over the place.
Well I found the perfect solution, to stop that from happing and it won’t cost you much at all. It's called a Spool Tamer Wire Dispenser and it's made by Beadalon. The Spool Tamer, is an elastic band, which wraps around the spool with a piece for the wire to come out. It's very easy to use and is also fully adjustable, to fit different size spools.
They are only $2.99 for a pack of 3 and you can get them at Hobby Lobby. They work great and you deffinetly won't have to worry, about your Kanthal unraveling, ever again.
Below is a link to the Spool Tamer, on the Hobby Lobby website, if you're interested.
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Tips for the Beginner Vaper

Posted 1/22/18
If you are you new to Vaping and just beginning, here are some tips and useful information, to help you succeed.

Cheap Is Not Always Better

Always buy your equipment and e-liquid, from reputable store or manufacturer. If you're one who tends to go for the cheapest you can get, it may not be a good idea, when it comes to Vaping.
When buying cheap Vaping gear and supplies, you risk getting low-quality products, that can quickly malfunction or even be dangerous. In the case of e-liquids, you could get juice that contains impurities, or not be made, using food-grade ingredients.
It’s worth spending a little more money, to get higher-quality e-liquid and devices. It may also help you to read, the "Before You Purchase Vape Gear" tip, that is also on this page.

Watch Out for Certain Flavors

Be careful when using acidic, citrus, or cinnamon flavored e-liquids, in a plastic tank, because they can weaken, fog and even crack it. If you enjoy these types of flavors, then make sure to use a glass or pyrex tank.

About PG/VG Ratios

Make sure to do some research, and experiment with PG/VG ratios. Depending on your preferences, you might want an e-liquid, with a higher or lower, VG (vegetable glycerin) mix.
High VG e-liquid, produces thicker smoke, bigger clouds and smoother hits, but can gum up coil more quickly. Low VG e-liquid, produces smaller clouds, a richer flavor and a deeper "Throat Hit." Some people prefer more throat hit, especially when just switching, from cigarettes.
A good starting point for a beginner, might be to try a 50/50 PG/VG mix first, and then adjust your preferences from there.

You May Need to Steep It

If you buy e-liquid and it's too strong, tastes funny or lacks flavor, you might want to steep it, for a week or two. This is especially the case, if it was freshly made for you.
Steeping basically means aging, and most e-liquids taste much better, after you let them sit in a dark, for a couple weeks. Make sure when steeping, that you shake the bottle periodically, to help mix the ingredients. It is also a good idea, to shake your bottle of e-liquid, just before filling your tank.

Vapers Tongue

If your favorite E-Juice, doesn't seem to taste as good, it might be Vaper's Tongue. This means that you have been using the same flavor of e-liquid so long, that you can't taste it anymore.
There is a simple fix for Vaper's Tongue, just switch your e-liquid for a while. You can use a different e-liquid for a day or two, then go back to your favorite and be able to taste it again.

Clean Your Tanks

Make sure to empty and clean out your Vaping tank's and RDA's regularly. Doing so, will help you prevent leaking issues, build-up, and bad flavor.
To clean your tank or RDA, remove or pour out the e-liquid, disassemble it as much as you can, then rinse it and all of its parts, including the mouthpiece or Drip Tip, under hot, running water. It's a good idea to do this at least once a week, or more often, if you're a heavy Vaper.
Also don't forget to to clean or change your coils regularly. This varies depending on the type of coil, how long you've used it and wether it's prebuilt, or you built it yourself. When you see buildup on your coils or your vapor starts getting an unpleasant, or burnt flavor, it’s time to change it.
With prebuilt coils, you can simply replace it with a new one. For a coil you built it yourself, you can sometimes dry-burn clean and rework it, and that depends on how long its been used.

Watch Out for Heat and Cold

Never leave your devices, batteries, tanks or e-liquids, unattended in your car. Excessive heat in the summer, can ruin your e-liquid, or thin it out, and make your tank leak. Even worse, hot batteries, can result in fire, or even worse.
Cold on the other hand, can thicken or freeze your e-liquid, or cause your tank to crack, when you first fire it. Batteries don't like the cold at all, and leaving them there for a long period of time, can shorten the battery life.
If for some reason your gear or batteries gets exposed to the cold, for a period of time, always make sure to let it get to room temperature, before using the gear or charging the batteries.

Carrying Extra Batteries

As you progress as a Vapor, there is going to come a time, when you need to carry extra batteries. If you take along extra batteries, always put them in a case. Battery cases are extremely cheap and readily available.
Putting an unprotected battery in your pocket or purse, can come in contact with your keys, change, or other metal objects and cause it to short circuit. The result could be catastrophic, and cause serious injury.

Batteriy Amperage

Make sure the batteries you choose to use, are capable of handling the resistance of the tank and coils. Also always double check, when switching to a new tank or coil. Just because your device can handle 150 watts, doesn't mean the batteries can.
I don't claim to be an expert, and battery safety and Ohm's Law, is too complicated to explain here. The best thing is to ask questions, and some research online. There are plenty of articles available, to help you learn about battery safety.

Using Married Batteries

When using a device that takes two or more batteries, always use married sets. A married set of batteries, means that they were purchase together new, and stay together, for their whole life.
With a married set, you typically mark the batteries, like Set 1 battery A & B, or Set 2 battery A, B & C and so on. These sets should not only be purchase at the same time new, they must also be used together, charged together and remain together, for their entire life.
You can safely use a two battery set, in various two battery devices, or a 3 battery set, in various 3 battery devices. What you can't do, is split them up and use one battery from a two battery set, in a single battery device. Or use two batteries from a 3 battery set, in a two battery device.
Remember, purchase them together, charge them together and use them together, for life.

Safety When Unattended

It’s a good habit, to take your atomizer or tank off your device, when not in use. This will help prevent any leaks and liquid getting into your device when it's unattended, which could possible ruin it.
Another good idea, is to always remove the batteries, from a removable battery device, when it's not in use. This is extremely importantly, especially when going to bed. If the device has an internal battery which is not removable, I suggest shutting it off.
Probably the most important tip of all, is to never and I mean never, charge a device or batteries, when it's unattended. And absolutely never leave them charging overnight, or when you go to bed.
There you go, just a few tips for the new Vaper. Depending on how involved you get, there can be a lot to learn. The internet is full of information, on anything to do with Vaping, and YouTube is a wonderful place to start. Just take your time and don't get scared, because you're probably doing this to stay off cigarettes and save you life, and you definitely want to succeed.
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Tanks and Atomizers


Prepare and Fill Your New Tank

Posted 1/22/18
Just got a new Vape tank and you can't wait to try it. Well here is some information, on how to properly prepare and fill it, before you do.

Read the Instructions

The first thing I suggest you do, is read the instructions. Some tanks come with an excellent instruction manual, explaining everything you need to know. While others come with crappy manuals, or don't include one at all. If your new tank came with a manual, it will help to read it, or at the very least, glance through it.

Clean it Before Use

After you have familiarized yourself with the tank and all its parts, I recommend you always clean it, before the first use. Some manufacturer's are good about cleaning their Vape tanks before releasing them for sale, while others are not.
Vape tanks are always made with some type of metal, and that metal, is has most likely, been machined. When metal is machined, it usually requires oil in the process and you don't want to take a chance, of Vaping any machining oil.
To clean the tank, disassemble it as much as possible, then wash each piece, with hot water and dish detergent. Make sure to including the glass or plastic tank section, as well as the mouthpiece or Drip Tip. Once everything has been washed, rinse all of its parts, under hot, running water, then dry them with a paper towel, or clean soft cloth and reassemble everything.

Priming the Coil

Before using the coil that came with your tank, replacing it with a new one, or you are re-wicking a rebuildable tank, you always want to prime the coil. Priming the coil, simply means to saturate it with e-liquid, so you don't get a dry or burnt hit.
To prime a coil, you can either drip several small drops of e-liquid directly onto the coil and wicking material, prior to installation, or fill the tank and close it, then allow it to sit for a while, and saturate. I suggest you do both.
You can speed up the time, it takes to prime a coil, by taking a few primer puffs. Primer puffs means to hit or draw on the tank, which pulls e-liquid into the coil. Just remember, if the tank is on a device, don't push the fire button.

Filling the Tank

There are a ton of Vaping tanks on the market, and several different ways to fill them. Depending on the the style you have, you will either fill it from the top, bottom, or through a slot, somewhere on the tank. Bottom-fill tanks, are usually very easy, but Top-fill tanks, can be a little tricker and have the chance of leaking, so make sure you have some paper towels handy. Side-fill tanks, can go either way.
Bottom-fill Tank
To fill a Bottom fill tank, simply turn it top-side-down, unscrew the base, and fill it up. When you're finished filling, replace the base.
Top-fill Tank
With a Top-fill tank, you either have to unscrew, flip up, or slide the top cap, to get access to the filling ports. This method of filling can cause leaking issues, because a Vape tank works on vacuum and replacing the top cap, can force e-liquid through the wick, and out the airflow.
When you fill this type of tank, make sure to close the airflow control, if it has it. Then I suggest the first time, you don't fill it all the way. Doing this, leaves a gap at the top for air, and less chance, of e-liquid, being pushed out the airflow, when you replace the top cap.
One you have tried it the first time as suggested above, and are ready to re-fill tank, it's going to be trial and error. Again, make sure to close the airflow control, if it has it, and go ahead and re fill the tank. If it starts to leak after replacing the top cap, quickly flip it over, top-side down, onto a paper towel.
If when re-filling tank, it didn't leak on you, then you're probably Ok, but if it did, try this.
1. Make sure to close the airflow control, if it has it, then open the top cap, and fill the tank.
2. Start replacing the top cap, but don't screw it all the way on.
3. When you feel the rubber seal on top cap, making contact, quickly flip the tank over, and finish screwing it down.
4. Now before turning the tank right-side-up, open the airflow control, and wait a few seconds.
5. If this method solved the leaking problem, then you will probably have to fill it this way, from now on.
Side-fill Tank
Side-fill tanks, as I said can go either way. But they are usually designed with a different airflow system and don't leak, quite as often. With this type of tank, you usually have to slide the top cap up, because it doesn't come off, then fill the tank, and slide the cap back down.
But if it does leak on you, it usually has to do with your wicking, and you may have to work on that. With a side-fill tank, you don't have the option, to partially close the cap, and flip it over.
With this type of tank, you usually have to slide up the top cap because it doesn't come off. Then you just fill it, and slide the cap back down.
Now you know how to prepare and fill your new tank, so fill 'er up, and start Vaping.
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